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The year of video game guy

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this is honestly one of the defining moments of the last decade

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Okay, as much as I rag on the old dub, this is pretty fucking amazing.

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In all honestly, I will never understand why people thought Zant’s boss battle and mental instability made him less scary or intimidating. 

Because for me, when Zant’s personality changed so suddenly and he was fighting so erratically I was terrified. I seriously thought Zant’s boss battle to be one of the scariest parts of a game I had ever played at the time, which is probably what made me so attached to his character. 

For me, this is largely due to the fact that Zant losing control of that calm demeanor he’d always had, meant that he was completely unpredictable. 

He had spent the entire game being sort of aloof and serious, and now he was suddenly up in my face and obviously overjoyed at the prospect of killing me. This was really scary to me when I played the game, because I felt like I had no real idea of what Zant would do next. Which boss level would he take me to? How would he attack me once I got there? Would he continue to get increasingly violent, or suddenly snap back to being calm and collected? 

I just don’t really get people who think he’s boring because of that. And I do think that Nintendo didn’t really do a wonderful job with his character, but I still don’t think that the sudden switch of his personality makes him any less interesting. 

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Congratulations to Ghirahim and Zant making playable characters in Hyrule Warriors!  May the madness reign.

This PHENOMENAL remake of Zant’s theme comes from the Twilight Symphony soundtrack by Zelda Reorchestrated!

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More digimon designs :D This time, based on Adventure 02, with the first three main-digimon!

Available for t-shirts and stuff here :D 

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