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Flynn, why are you fighting with your friend?

Clu, you know, this can’t be the end

Really, perfection does not matter

Hurting your friend will make you sadder

Guys, you know, you’re much more than this

You two please stop, or you’ll undo

All that you’ve been through-Ooooooooo~

Just hug, and it’s agreed-

Your love will not delete <3


I know this is ridiculous and that Clu would be like “SHUT UP, PERFECTION IS THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS” but whatever.

Note: This is not the style I will be drawing in from now on. I was trying to emulate Adventure Time’s style a little bit. This has been in my sketchbook a while and I was only just able to finish it.

The song is originally from Adventure Time, and is sung by BMO. I do not claim to own this song.